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Business concept

At Burgers & Friends, we will offer simple burgers in a relaxed environment without fuss that are made from scratch, for real quite simply. That is why we work exclusively with local meat producers who keep track of animal husbandry and slaughter. With animals that are allowed to stay outside and eat grass because they simply feel best about it. Then the meat will also be fine and tasty. Of course, all the meat we use is fresh and hang tender.

Our main suppliers are the small-scale green slaughterhouses in the immediate area, depending on the geographically located restaurant.

Our burger bread will be completely organic and delivered freshly baked seven days a week from local bakeries. We will produce the bread together with the local bakery that is best available and of course most organic.

We make our shakes on Swedish ice cream, including organic stamps such as Gute ice cream or the organic range from major suppliers, such as Engelholm's ice cream, and the flavors of these shakes come from what can be delivered for the season in the local range of fruit and berries.

Our alcohol-related range will primarily focus on beer, including local suppliers with organic and green thinking in their production. Wine will be offered and even there we try to keep it as organic and organically produced as possible without compromising on quality.

We strive to further increase the proportion of organic and labeled ingredients in our purchases and will constantly work with the various trade-offs required in this complex issue. It is largely about availability and the balance between locally produced, seasonal offerings and imported organic products. We make ongoing assessments from case to case and for a close dialogue with our suppliers.

Small suppliers are not always able to live up to all the requirements set for being included in various labels and certificates, but can still have an activity that essentially exceeds the requirements and are far ahead of larger suppliers in the issues that are most important for, for example, animal husbandry. and slaughter. We therefore always start primarily from the small-scale business and the relationship we create directly with the producer.

In terms of interior design, we will work with dark wood details that are mixed with the "Bistro" stucco's gloomy and gallant colors and materials.

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